Lower Resting Heart Rate

So everyone knows that a lower heart rate is directly related to better cardiorespiratory and overall health.  However, do you know why that is?

It’s due to cardiac hypertrophy, but is it through aerobic oranaerobic exercise?  With anaerobic exercise (weight lifting and whatnot), the cardiac walls thicken because they are trained to be put under greater stress (Increased thoracic blood pressure).  This makes for a more forceful contraction of the heart.  However, this has little impact on someone’s heart rate.

If you truly want to lower your resting heart rate, you can either age very rapidly, or create an aerobic exercise regimen for yourself.  Aerobic training increases the stroke volume of the heart, pumping out more blood with each beat.  This confers a lower resting heart rate because the heart can meet the body’s oxygen needs with fewer beats per minute.  Fun Fact.


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