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This guy describes his music as Sunset House – and I’d have to agree (though I have no real idea what it means). Also, he should stick to original tracks like “Raindrops” below; his remixes seem a little forced.

Raindrops Feat. Kerli by SNBRN

In The Air (SNBRN Remix) by Morgan Page

All She Wants (SNBRN X KLATCH Remix) by Ace of Base


Martin Garrix – Animals


The other weekend in Atlantic City, I went to the Beach Club at Revel. One song took an already exuberant crowd and turned them into, well, animals. I would provide pictures, but they may not be kosher…I’ll have to talk with Pel and see where we draw our line.

I got home and did some research on the DJ who made this. His name is Martin Garrix, he’s from the Netherlands, and he is 17, born in 1996. The following questions ensued:

What did his mother think of him using the F-word in that song?

Why didn’t I do that while I was in high school?