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Project 46 vs. Linkin Park (Shadow of the Day Mix)


Nice little EDM remix of  a catchy Linkin Park song.

Project 46 vs. Linkin Park – Shadow of the Day


Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino

Donald Glover is most commonly known as Troy from NBC’s hit show Community, but there is much more to this cat than his acting. His stand-up  is hilarious, he can rap – using his alias Childish Gambino (which I recently found out came from the Wu-Tang name generator), he can write, but I think he’s an even better intellectual. I’d have to say Donald is one of the most inspirational people I’ve come across; he’s been fighting the stigma that black kids can’t make it in America without striking it rich in the NBA or NFL, and his work has been this stigma’s most formidable antithesis.

Freaks and Geeks by Childish Gambino

Break (AOTL) by Childish Gambino

The Childish Games by D.veloped

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Tryouts (Javelin vs. Childish Gambino) by Brenton Duvall

Kap Slap

Bethlehem, PA (or Lehigh, rather) seems to be a breeding ground for talented mash-up artists (5 & A Dime is also a Mountain Hawk). Jared Lucas, aka Kap Slap, just came out with his latest album, AA: Audio Appropriation, on the 11th – it’s a compilation of much of his recently released tracks.

E.T. Feels Starry Eyed by Kap Slap

Flux Monsters by Kap Slap

Illmerican Blow by Kap Slap

Angel In My Bones by Kap Slap

Better Than A Stereo Dream by Kap Slap

Madeon – Pop Culture (Live Mashup)

When I told you this kid was ridiculous, I meant it. Wolfe – good luck using your launchpad half as well.

Pop Culture (Live) by Madeon

Pretty Lights

I love when this guy remixes songs/gets remixed. Dude’s a boss.

Steve Miller Band Fly Like An Eagle Remix by Pretty Lights

Kanye West All Of The Lights Remix by Pretty Lights

Pink Floyd Time Remix by Pretty Lights

Finally Reggin (Pretty Lights x Notorious B.I.G.) by LJC

The Jane Doze and CJ Milli

Since the women’s world cup is going on now, I’m posting some tracks of girls trying to make it in a male-dominated mash-up world. The Jane Doze comes from NYC and CJ Milli from Tampa.

Ain’t No Drugs High Enough [Feat. Ratatat and Marvin Gaye] by The Jane Doze

Tegan The Creator [Feat. Tyler the Creator and Tegan & Sara] by The Jane Doze

CJ Milli is more of a DJ than a mash-up artist, but she’s still a baller.

٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶ by CJ Milli

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Heartbreaker Baby [Feat Justin Bieber and MSTRKRFT] by CJ Milli

First 101 Songs

So, I’ve noticed that I have posted exactly 101 songs so far; instead of making you download them all individually I’ve uploaded a giant .zip file for ya… I’ve also gone back and cleaned up a bunch of my posts so now all the links are working.

WFL First 101 Songs

(sorry, can’t just right-click this one – just keep following the download jumps)

Skrillex Remixes

So I’m not a real big dubstep guy… But Skrillex often finds a way to create nice compromise between the heavy and the poignant. Plus, his stuff is great for remixes.

Promises [Skrillex & Nero Remix] by Nero Feat. Sub Focus

The Cave Feat. Skrillex [DJ JewBoy Remix] by Mumford & Sons

Sensual Seduction [Skrillex Remix] by Snoop Dogg

Ghosts for the Kill [Feat. La Roux, Deadmau5, Skrillex, & Nero] by Nico R-L

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More Skrillex


He’s really good… And the Beowolfe might be his agent/hype guy.

Son of A Nun by D.veloped

Throw Some D’s On That Blink by D.veloped

Brassified Information by D.veloped

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Bon-heur Jamz

I hate the phrase “Girl Fire,” but nothing else really describes these tracks better.

Heartbreaker Baby [CJ Milli Mix] by Justin Bieber vs. MSTRKRFT

Wouldn’t It Be Nice [The Girls Can Hear Us! Remix] by The Beach Boys

OMG [Almighty Radio Edit] by Usher

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