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The Knocks


Only one of these guys was able to make it to Tomorrowworld, but he killed it nonetheless. They were at the small ‘Kitsune Water Stage’ in the middle of the woods, and the intimate setting added a very chill dimension to their class music. Not many remixes from them, mostly originals, which means they’re very much the creative type. One of my favorites from that weekend.

Something I Can Dance To by The Knocks

Dancing With The DJ by The Knocks

Modern Hearts feat. St. Lucia by The Knocks

The Feeling by The Knocks

Only You Can Show Me (The Knocks Remix) by Goldroom

My Body by The Knocks & Treasure Fingers




#TBT post – just thought it was fitting to put up some Shwayze for the last few days of summer.

Buzzin Ft. Wale (DJ Skeet Skeet & Cory Nitta Rmx) by Shwayze

My Chick by Shwayze

Ms. Fortune by Shwayze feat. Devin K.

My New Girlfriend by Shwayze feat. Paul Couture

And the main reason why this is a #TBT post…

Corona and Lime by Shwayze



Looking out the window from my desk, I can’t stop daydreaming about being anywhere except here. This rings especially true during summer. But not today. It’s Friday, it’s sunny in The City, and I’m ready to spend my Saturday on Mr. Pellas’ roof enjoying summer. Enter Viceroy.

This dude’s motto is “Summertime all the time” and his music is transcendent in its ability to put me on a beach with a beer (at least in my mind). I first heard his St. Lucia remix about a year ago, and have not been disappointed since. Some of my favorites are below, but he’s got plenty more, and I encourage you to check them out. Enjoy the weekend,

Some Will Smith? Check. Biggie? Sure, why not?

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Sorry T, but I had to save the post – you’re starting to give away too many hints about your sexuality. Learning you are, young padawan…

Return Of The Mack (Viceroy “Jet Life” Remix) by Mark Morrison

Coming Home (Viceroy Remix) by Visitor

Love Somebody (Viceroy Remix) by Maroon 5


So this guy is pretty much the man…  He’s an unsigned hip-hop artist out of Boston, MA who produces his own music.  He’s like a young Lupe Fiasco on lyrical steriods.  You can get most of his music for free off of his facebook page.

Moony [Prod. by G-Riot] by G-Riot

Traces [Prod. by G-Riot] by G-Riot

Dave Edwards

This guy’s a great producer out of NYC just coming on the scene. His The World Is Ours EP, which was released in October, got him a lot of attention with the music blogs and whatnot. Personally, I love his rendition of Ellie Goulding‘s Lights – it puts most other mixes of her remix-raped song to shame.  Seriously, type “Ellie Goulding Lights Remix” into either youtube or soundcloud… ridiculous. I hope this guy breaks through at some point to start putting some class with David Guetta in the mainstream production scene.

Lights [Dave Edwards Remix] Radio Edit by Ellie Goulding

The World Is Ours EP by Dave Edwards

Robotic Pirate Monkey

So, I know it’s been a while – quite a while – since my last post, but I’m going to start keeping this blog up-to-date again.  I stumbled upon these guys over a year ago, and they’re the tits.

Breaking All The Rules (Womp rmx Feat. Jordan Corey)

Hold Up (rmx Feat. Dr. Dre)

Mr. Brown (rmx Feat. Bob Marley)

Jukebox Hero (rmx Feat. Foreigner)


New-school R&B artist. He’s been around for a while, I’m not sure why he hasn’t hit the mainstream airwaves yet.

Contagious [Feat. Yung Berg] by K-Young

No No No by K-Young

Time After Time [Feat. K-Young] by Kid Ink

All Night by K-Young

Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino

Donald Glover is most commonly known as Troy from NBC’s hit show Community, but there is much more to this cat than his acting. His stand-up  is hilarious, he can rap – using his alias Childish Gambino (which I recently found out came from the Wu-Tang name generator), he can write, but I think he’s an even better intellectual. I’d have to say Donald is one of the most inspirational people I’ve come across; he’s been fighting the stigma that black kids can’t make it in America without striking it rich in the NBA or NFL, and his work has been this stigma’s most formidable antithesis.

Freaks and Geeks by Childish Gambino

Break (AOTL) by Childish Gambino

The Childish Games by D.veloped

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Tryouts (Javelin vs. Childish Gambino) by Brenton Duvall

J. Capri

This guy’s almost a carbon copy of J. Cole – same style, same hometown, same name (almost)… Good thing J. Cole has a very distinctive voice, otherwise it would be nearly impossible to tell their tracks apart. They’re both headed for success… Sheesh, this is gonna be confusing.

On Mine Feat. Maffew Ragazino by J.Capri

J. Cole

I can’t describe this guy much better than the “about” section on his website:

In an era saturated with upstart MCs all vying for the coveted status of “next big thing”, the story of 24-year old North Carolina native J. Cole (born Jermaine Cole) is a refreshing exception to the quick route for fame and success. The first artist signed to Jay-Z’s new Roc Nation label, Cole made himself notable through a scholarly approach to the game – no small feat considering his Magna Cum Laude distinction upon graduating from St. John’s University.

If his sudden christening by JAY-Z shocked the haters, their doubts were quickly refuted when J. Cole dropped his recent mixtape The Warm Up, as well as a coveted guest verse on JAY-Z’s Blueprint 3 with “A Star is Born”. Soulful and strong, J. Cole’s lyrics touch on everything from his upbringing in North Carolina to the poverty and hopelessness that affect his community. The mixtape encapsulates not just who J. Cole is as a rapper, but who he is as an artist and a person.

Taking from his favorite artists a love for powerful storytelling with an intense inner-strength, J. Cole advanced to writing his own lyrics at 15, soon amassing stacks of notebooks filled with rhymes and observations. Without a DJ or producer to provide a beat, he industriously started creating his own using a beat machine given as a present by his mother. From then on J. Cole was constantly creating new music and lyrics leading to his current and flow.

For the latest updates on J Cole, visit

Can’t Get Enough Feat. Trey Songz by J. Cole

Blow Up (Xaphoon Jones ColeStep Remix) by J. Cole

Problems by J. Cole

I’m On It by J. Cole

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I’m Coming Home by J. Cole