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Adventure Club


Adventure Club has been around for a little while now and over the past couple of years they’ve come out with a great mix of original tracks paired with top class remixes. I’d recommend listening to their stuff with headphones on because they make great use of stereo. They’ve really matured their sound over time – great to see.

Gold feat. Yuna by Adventure Club

Crave You (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix) by Flight Facilities

Do I See Color by Adventure Club

Broken Lungs (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix) by Thrice

And my favorite remix and original by these guys:

Youth (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix) by Foxes

Wait by Adventure Club


A La Modeliste (Bonobo Remix) by Mark Ronson


Went through this guy’s soundcloud page hoping that he’ll have something else there that I could post, but this is really the only normal song out of the lot – diamond in the rough, so to speak..



#TBT post – just thought it was fitting to put up some Shwayze for the last few days of summer.

Buzzin Ft. Wale (DJ Skeet Skeet & Cory Nitta Rmx) by Shwayze

My Chick by Shwayze

Ms. Fortune by Shwayze feat. Devin K.

My New Girlfriend by Shwayze feat. Paul Couture

And the main reason why this is a #TBT post…

Corona and Lime by Shwayze

Operate – ASTR (The Chainsmokers Remix)


I’ve always been a fan of The Chainsmokers – good thing they don’t sing in any of their mixes..

Operate – ASTR (The Chainsmokers Remix)


So this guy is pretty much the man…  He’s an unsigned hip-hop artist out of Boston, MA who produces his own music.  He’s like a young Lupe Fiasco on lyrical steriods.  You can get most of his music for free off of his facebook page.

Moony [Prod. by G-Riot] by G-Riot

Traces [Prod. by G-Riot] by G-Riot


Okay, so this guy might be a little too dubsteppy for some of you guys, but he’s going to be on the same level as Porter Robinson, Lazy Rich, etc. once he starts getting more exposure. He and 3LAU just put out a new EP – Relics Of A Dance Attic; I wasn’t a big fan because I don’t believe their sounds mix very well, but to each his own. This song’s pretty sweet though.

Monkey Do This (Original Mix) by Acetronik

Robotic Pirate Monkey

So, I know it’s been a while – quite a while – since my last post, but I’m going to start keeping this blog up-to-date again.  I stumbled upon these guys over a year ago, and they’re the tits.

Breaking All The Rules (Womp rmx Feat. Jordan Corey)

Hold Up (rmx Feat. Dr. Dre)

Mr. Brown (rmx Feat. Bob Marley)

Jukebox Hero (rmx Feat. Foreigner)

The Knux

I like to think of these guys as a Knew-sKool OutKast.

She’s So Up (Main) by The Knux

Run [Feat. KiD CuDi] by the Knux


Olu’s got some serious cojones with the types of songs that he samples (A Day To Remember’s Monument [Song not shown, but it’s on youtube], Rebecca Black’s Friday, and Colbie Collait’s Magic – Also Ratatat’s Loud Pipes, but Ratatat is great to rap over). He’s a prolific up-and-comer who’s very underrated. Check him out here.

Friday [Feat. Rebecca Black] by Olu

Jetpack Shit [Feat. Colbie Caillat] by Olu

I Got It [Feat. Ratatat] by Olu

The Jane Doze and CJ Milli

Since the women’s world cup is going on now, I’m posting some tracks of girls trying to make it in a male-dominated mash-up world. The Jane Doze comes from NYC and CJ Milli from Tampa.

Ain’t No Drugs High Enough [Feat. Ratatat and Marvin Gaye] by The Jane Doze

Tegan The Creator [Feat. Tyler the Creator and Tegan & Sara] by The Jane Doze

CJ Milli is more of a DJ than a mash-up artist, but she’s still a baller.

٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶ by CJ Milli

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Heartbreaker Baby [Feat Justin Bieber and MSTRKRFT] by CJ Milli