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Eve 6


As a #tbt post, I’m going to remind you of how sweet these guys were/are. Late 90s alt rock at its best.

Promise by Eve 6

Inside Out by Eve 6

And they’ve actually come out with some good new stuff in the past couple years…

Lost & Found by Eve 6

Victoria by Eve 6


Peter Lee Johnson

PLJ is from USC and has already been featured in his school’s TedxTalk. I wish I had half the talent that he does playing the violin – in anything.You can download all of his covers from his mediafire account. Or I put them all together into one .zip file. He also said that he’s coming out with an album soon, so keep an eye out for that.


Olu’s got some serious cojones with the types of songs that he samples (A Day To Remember’s Monument [Song not shown, but it’s on youtube], Rebecca Black’s Friday, and Colbie Collait’s Magic – Also Ratatat’s Loud Pipes, but Ratatat is great to rap over). He’s a prolific up-and-comer who’s very underrated. Check him out here.

Friday [Feat. Rebecca Black] by Olu

Jetpack Shit [Feat. Colbie Caillat] by Olu

I Got It [Feat. Ratatat] by Olu

The Jane Doze and CJ Milli

Since the women’s world cup is going on now, I’m posting some tracks of girls trying to make it in a male-dominated mash-up world. The Jane Doze comes from NYC and CJ Milli from Tampa.

Ain’t No Drugs High Enough [Feat. Ratatat and Marvin Gaye] by The Jane Doze

Tegan The Creator [Feat. Tyler the Creator and Tegan & Sara] by The Jane Doze

CJ Milli is more of a DJ than a mash-up artist, but she’s still a baller.

٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶ by CJ Milli

Previously Posted:

Heartbreaker Baby [Feat Justin Bieber and MSTRKRFT] by CJ Milli

First 101 Songs

So, I’ve noticed that I have posted exactly 101 songs so far; instead of making you download them all individually I’ve uploaded a giant .zip file for ya… I’ve also gone back and cleaned up a bunch of my posts so now all the links are working.

WFL First 101 Songs

(sorry, can’t just right-click this one – just keep following the download jumps)

John Mayer

Okay, I know… What am I thinking? John Mayer is possibly the douchiest, most egotestical (sp?) son of a gun out there. Plus, how the eff do you break up with Jennifer Aniston?? — In order to make room for me to come sweep her off her feet?! Oh, why thank you Mr. Mayer… But really, the dude’s got some serious talent.


So, it’s my first night back in the dirty jerz… and since my school doesn’t do homecoming, I’ve decided to make a post with a bunch of songs about homecoming instead… What?

I’m Coming Home by J. Cole

Take Me Home Tonight by Theo Martins

Coming Home (Dance Remix) by Play-N-Skillz

Home (Whole-Z Remix) by Edward Sharpe

Overkill? Nahh, it would’ve been if I put in Kanye’s track…

Oh, snap!


Mash-Up My Mondays (“MMMondays”)

So it’s my last day in Chapel Hill for the summer… weird to think that I’m going to be a senior.

1901 Slang [Phoenix vs. The Shins] by DJ Plan B – Right-click to download

Heaven is a B***h by Vico Ono [Nas & AZ vs. Led Zeppelin vs. Gramatik]

Girls Who Save The World (Alesso Feat. Adele, Britney, SHM, Dragonette, Nadia) by 3LAU

Cris Cab

Great cover artist.

All of the Lights (Remix) [Kanye West cover] by Cris Cab

Good Girls (Remix) ft. Cris Cab by Eddy B & Tim Gunter

Black & Yellow (Wiz Khalifa cover) by Cris Cab


Very talented white kid from Connecticut.

She Don’t Wanna Wait (prod. Chanes) by OnCue

Drunk Dialing (prod. Emay & OnCue) by OnCue

Daddy’s Money (feat. Casey Herlihy) (prod. CJ Luzi) by OnCue

Inhale, Exhale (VIKING Remix)