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Found these guys via a friend a couple of months ago and have not stopped watching these videos since… [At least] two of these guys will be added to the new SNL cast, but I really hope they keep the whole crew together. Outrageous fun!


A La Modeliste (Bonobo Remix) by Mark Ronson


Went through this guy’s soundcloud page hoping that he’ll have something else there that I could post, but this is really the only normal song out of the lot – diamond in the rough, so to speak..

This is What it Feels Like

This song is good.

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Miles Fisher

Do you like Miles Fisher? His latest EP marks a new.. peak of professionalism. This is his take on David Byrne’s This Must be the Place. A great, great song – and a personal favorite.

This dude is actually a Harvard grad and gave their Oration at the 2006 Harvard commencement. He then moved out to L.A. to have a somewhat successful acting career – most notably appearing in Final Destination 5. However, what I ‘most notably’ know him for are his recent youtube videos that he’s been putting out. They’re pretty hysterical and I think T, especially, would like them – because he’s Patrick Bateman.

This one’s actually pretty serious – but Phoebe Tonkin is absolutely smookin’. I’d let her rough me up like that any day.

Why Futbol is the Greatest Sport in the World

This compilation of the Joga Bonito videos helped me fall in love with the game in high school.

There’s no other sport in the world that allows for more creativity – all you need is a ball.

The Funniest Thing Ever on ESPN

Storm Freerunners

Red Bull should pick these guys up. Parkour! Parkour!

Top 10 Best Jumps Ever


Bang Bang and Boom Boom Fireworks

I really want me some fireworks now! Whether they meant it or not, this is some genius advertising — this commercial gets seared into your brain. Take note: Americans love stupid commercials.

Madeon – Pop Culture (Live Mashup)

When I told you this kid was ridiculous, I meant it. Wolfe – good luck using your launchpad half as well.

Pop Culture (Live) by Madeon