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Calvin Harris – Outside (Oliver Heldens Remix)

Next weekend’s adventures take me to Wet Republic at the MGM Grand in Vegas. Calvin Harris will be playing. Here’s a nice little remix of one of his old classics. I hope Ellie Goulding shows up in my cabana.

Quick note: The Heldeep house page on SoundCloud has some pretty nice jams. Check that out.




So I got into soccer recently. Fell pretty hard for her. My great white buffalo. Thank you for all of your well wishes, we’re very happy together.

That’ll lead nicely into the reason I was watching Liverpool highlights…this highlight to be precise:


The soundtrack to that not-so-subtly splendid soccer show was equally sublime. So I set to surrendering my short-lived siesta session in search of the subjects who spawned these sweet serenades:


Tobu – They’re from Latvia

Mako – They’re not from Latvia

And here’s their set from Coachella last year. That’s culturally relevant now, right? Is that happening?


Mausi – “Sol.” & Other Songs


If you haven’t done SantaCon, you need to. I’m rather late wit that one, but again, its been a while. Were backtracking here.

As we move along in this world where the site actually contains new and relevant posts, here’s the second song/artist after coming back from my obligatory job-induced hiatus.

Kinda reminds me of summer. Or at least a BBQ that I was at once upon a time. Some of it seems kinda girly too. I don’t know, ball’s in your court. Enjoy.

Then I found another good song of theirs:

This is also a chill little biscuit that I was quite amused by after letting it play for a while:

ASTR – Operate

ASTR - Operate


We’re back.

So auditing is fun, and “keeps your mind attentive” for prolonged periods of the day. And the weekends. And in your dreams.

But now, oh now, there is nothing but freedom in front of me. Or, as the rest of the world calls it, a normal 40 hour work week.

On the positive side, all that time in front of a computer gives you a good chance to listen to some tunes, put together some playlists, and get a good sense of what I’m going to post up here on this wonderful site. So without further ado:

We’ll start things off slow here with a song I recently came across called “Operate” by ASTR. Thing I like about this duo is that the live, work, and of course play in New York. They have an affinity for the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. They dabble in disco tracks, movie soundtracks, and of course disco synths. And this guy/girl mash-up duo met at a yoga class (and can only assume they’re intimately involved). It’s spring, and love is in the air.

Ok…just found this out. With this new format of posting, you can press play on your cell phone (I’m doing it on Android) and go looking through other stuff while its playing. God bless SoundCloud, and God bless America. And yes, Spotify does the same thing, I get it.


Predictions on Breaking Bad – Volume 1 (4 Remaining)


OK, so this plan was ill-conceived from the get-go. The only person who’s gonna read this is me at the office when I’m bored tomorrow, but we’re gonna do the damn thing anyways.

Once a week for the last 5 weeks (including this week) we’re going to get the general feel from everyone at my apartment on reactions/predictions for what’s going to happen next in the remaining episodes of Breaking Bad. Maybe I’ll get lucky and get Pel and his household to comment, maybe not. It’s often the most hastily developed plans that bomb miserably, but we’re here to buck that trend. Here are the participants:

T (Me) – Watched the entirety of the show in the two months leading up to this final season. Increased heart rate and push-ups ensued.

Tim – May be an even bigger fan-boy than me.

Alex – Has never seen the show. We fill him in and he tells us what he thinks is next.

T: Great episode we just witnessed last night. To steal the words out of Tim’s mouth, “every episode has been the best episode ever.” It seems like they could always fade to black 2 minutes before the end of the episode and it would still be an amazing ending. They don’t settle for that crap though; Walt and Hank get into a brawl, Jesse gets a hit put out on him, or a shoot-out starts (and oddly lasts for upwards of 15 seconds with nobody getting shot and nobody running out of bullets).

THE PREDICTION: Jesse gets hit in the shoot-out, lives, and becomes a less relevant participant in the remaining episodes to the dismay of everyone. Walt gets away with the Neo-nazis, and Hank survives to continue chasing him down. Too many episodes left for this chase to end and we already know Walt changes his identity.

Tim: I’m going to have to expedite this post because the Eagles appear to be blowing this Monday night game.

THE PREDICTION: Hank gets hit in the shootout and Walt needs to decide if he should drive him to safety. Walt indeed does and drives incapacitated Hank to hospital, and then takes off. Jesse stays put at the site after he is captured by the white supremacist guys. Walt spares Jesse…not sure how their relationship is resolved. Walt’s return that prefaced the season happens and Walt is in fact coming back to kill Todd and gang. Gomez dies in the shootout and nobody is that upset.

Alex: The whole reason for this show is because Walt thinks that cooking meth will cure his cancer, right? Dude, it’s not this guy’s (he had to point at a picture because he doesn’t know the character’s names) fault that these bad people have surrounded him.

THE PREDICTION: Hank dies, his last words being, “Meth is not the answer to cancer”. Hank’s body is then inexplicably taken, and he is crucified by the whole town, who for no reason whatsoever turns on him (**NOTE FROM T**: This may be a subtly brilliant move by Alex here. I could totally see Walt coming back and, in sinister fashion, getting everyone to hate Hank).

Pel: First off, after that minute and a half of shooting (so it seemed), how has Hank’s fat ass not gotten hit yet? Whatever – they just needed to keep us guessing as to who comes out on top in this exchange.

THE PREDICTION: It’ll be Walt – eventually. Walt, being the mix of Macgyver, Mendeleyev, and Satan that he is – comes up with his best escape yet. He finds some riot gear/DEA stuff on the floor of Hank’s car – and BOOM! Smoke bomb! Throws that shit on the ground and runs off into the hills. When the smoke clears, everyone’s out of bullets. Plot twist #1: Jesse comes climbing out of the car and tells all these meth-head Neo-Nazi’s that he knows where Walt’s buried all of his money. They decide to team-up to go looking for the ‘booty. Walt meanwhile calls Saul to come pick him up – grabs his spare bag of money and calls up the dude that can help him disappear. After the Neo-Nazi’s find the money, they then take Hank, Gomez, and Jesse hostage. After a couple months of captivity, Hank begins to enjoy taking it up the butt, Jesse is forced to cook meth for them, and Gomez dies of dysentery. Walt comes back with a vengeance at the end with a freakin M60 and goes to town on everyone, gets what’s left of his money back, and rides off into the sunset to die 6 weeks later of – Plot twist #2: dysentery, not cancer.

(Side Note: The new Eagles offense is soo dope – pumped for this season.)

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This is What it Feels Like

This song is good.

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What Does the Fox Say?



Not once, but twice today called out by the blogger in chief. Doesn’t take me long to come back from a “sub-par” post and being called an American Psycho (however true it may be). This video looks like it was made by a psycho, but maybe that’s why I like it:



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Looking out the window from my desk, I can’t stop daydreaming about being anywhere except here. This rings especially true during summer. But not today. It’s Friday, it’s sunny in The City, and I’m ready to spend my Saturday on Mr. Pellas’ roof enjoying summer. Enter Viceroy.

This dude’s motto is “Summertime all the time” and his music is transcendent in its ability to put me on a beach with a beer (at least in my mind). I first heard his St. Lucia remix about a year ago, and have not been disappointed since. Some of my favorites are below, but he’s got plenty more, and I encourage you to check them out. Enjoy the weekend,

Some Will Smith? Check. Biggie? Sure, why not?

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Sorry T, but I had to save the post – you’re starting to give away too many hints about your sexuality. Learning you are, young padawan…

Return Of The Mack (Viceroy “Jet Life” Remix) by Mark Morrison

Coming Home (Viceroy Remix) by Visitor

Love Somebody (Viceroy Remix) by Maroon 5



Someone from Germany checked out the site yesterday. Thought that was cool, so here’s to the German dude –

My roommate told me about a kid from Connecticut named Nate Rathburn, aka. Audien. At age 17, his friends were applying for college while he was sending out demos to producers trying to make it. Pretty ballsy move. Now he’s playing shows in Vegas, LA, and New York. He’s been featured on Tiesto’s “Club Life” and Armin Van Buuren’s “A State of Trance”. Who needs college when you’re among a growing list of teenagers crushing it (see Martin Garrix)?

I am not well versed in EDM, really just started listening to it a couple of months ago. However, my roommate tells me that Audien’s first musical endeavors were rooted in trance, and he has gradually shifted his style to bring a progressive-house feel to his original mixes. He also remixes a Bruno Mars song, seemingly created by an equation as your run-of-the-mill pop song, and makes it interesting.

So none of this was relevant to the German dude. Sorry Hans, but here’s a freebie: Watch any video on YouTube, pause it, and without clicking anything else, type “1980”. A gift from your friends across the pond.

Leaving You by Audien feat. Michael S.

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Breaking Bad is Back

Breaking Bad - Poster

Tonight, one of the best shows on TV, Breaking Bad, continues towards its much anticipated conclusion. If you are not up to date with the show I would strongly recommend DVRing tonight’s episode, calling in sick tomorrow to catch up, and top off your work-free Monday with last night’s episode. That way on Tuesday when everyone’s (still) talking about it, you can be a relevant participant in the conversation. Don’t be that moron who walks up to the coffee machine and says, “Do you think Skyler will find out?” or “I’ll bet that Gale takes over the lab” (she does, and he’s dead; I have no pity for you if you’re not that far).

I’m re-watching episodes from prior seasons as I’m writing this, and appreciating some of the music in here. In honor of this series coming back, here is a sample of some of the songs that I’m hearing as I’m watching. However, for those of you who want more thorough sampling of tunes, check out this 8-tracks playlist.

Season 2 – Episode 9: 4 Days Out

That’s just great music for a time-lapse sequence right there.

Season 3 – Episode 3: Bit by a Dead Bee

Season 4 – Episode 13: Face Off

Season 5 – Episode 8: Gliding Over All