In order to understand why I made this blog, you need to know me in a place called “real life.” Back in the day, I was a giant nerd — I am still a nerd, I just don’t go around flaunting it like many of my classmates. Donald Glover, most of you know him as Troy in NBC’s hit show Community, has really been a great influence for me. I really can’t think of someone who is as talented across so many fields. He started writing for 30 Rock straight out of NYU, and has magnified his influence to become a popular actor, comedian, musician, and rapper. His outlook on life falls within a similar vein as my own, and his favorite format for talking about these topics is through comedy. He recently said this little gem in one of his shows:

“If you like strange, specific stuff — that’s a nerd. Kanye West is a black nerd. He likes strange, specific stuff. If you go up to Kanye West and say, ‘Hey, what are your favorite things?’ He’ll be like, ‘Robots and teddy bears.’ That’s a nerd.”

In this respect, I define myself as a nerd. However, I am not a nerd with merely a few specific interests; mine span over a very wide range of subjects. Hence, this is why I’m an Economics major with a double in Exercise and Sport Science, with a minor in Biology, oh and I’m attempting to complete the pre-medicine requirements — I’m an idiot. So, one of my motives for making this blog is to bring all these interests together in one place.

I like to keep records of things, and I feel like this site provides a great means to do so. (Side Note: the word blog is just the shortened version of web log.) A Google commercial, believe it or not, has led me even closer to this point. I began thinking about all my personal achievements and found that it would be very difficult to catalogue them all unless you print out articles, and compile everything into a scrapbook. That would suck. This decision became wayy too clear when some doucher, ‘cough‘ CJ ‘cough’, knocked my Union County Scholar-Athlete award glass off the table; and it’s now in about 50 pieces strewn across Orange County landfill. So, for just about the same price ($17 a year for this site), I get a scrapbook that I can bring with me anywhere (’cause it’s on the internet, duh.). Also, to the extent of my knowledge, it’s pretty difficult upload music or videos to construction paper.

If that still doesn’t make any sense, the best way for me to explain this site is through a metaphor. I feel like music blogs, review sites, academic dissemination, and many other sites create a sort of Monet of the internet, and each site contributes its own color. However, it has been difficult for me to navigate through this disorder since all the metaphoric dots of this Monet aren’t pulled together in any way that I see fit; so my goal for this site is to arrange these dots to finish the picture, mostly for my sake, but also for those who share my super-awesome interests.

I’ve gotten a lot of help from Brandon “The Beowolfe” Wolfe, as he made his music blog, TheBeowolfe.com, well before I made this one.  After living with this goofy-looking kid for the past three years, his technological prowess has rubbed off on me a bit.

I am a student at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and I love sports, music, the New Prov Pioneers, and all things that make me think. I’ve made my gravatar public on the right column, so feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have. Go Heels, Go America!


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