Sound Remedy


I’ve been saving this guy for a while because I like to keep the good stuff to myself – but after some convincing from Jeff and T and seeing this guy absolutely destroy it at Tomorrowworld, I couldn’t keep him under wraps any longer. Feels like I’m unleashing the Kraken…

Let’s Go Home (Sound Remedy Remix) by Carousel

Walk On By (Sound Remedy Remix) by Noosa

Leaving You (Sound Remedy Remix) by Wolf Alice

Float (Sound Remedy Remix) by KO KO

The Funeral (Sound Remedy Remix) by Band of Horses

Medicine (Sound Remedy Remix) by Daughter

Old Man (Sound Remedy Remix) by Neil Young

There are plenttyyy more songs that I could post here, but you’ll just have to go find them yourself – I’ve been following this guy since he started, and I haven’t been disappointed by anything that he’s made so far. Can’t really direct you to a single page that has all of his music, but his facebook page is as close as it gets. Good hunting, my friends.


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