Breaking Bad is Back

Breaking Bad - Poster

Tonight, one of the best shows on TV, Breaking Bad, continues towards its much anticipated conclusion. If you are not up to date with the show I would strongly recommend DVRing tonight’s episode, calling in sick tomorrow to catch up, and top off your work-free Monday with last night’s episode. That way on Tuesday when everyone’s (still) talking about it, you can be a relevant participant in the conversation. Don’t be that moron who walks up to the coffee machine and says, “Do you think Skyler will find out?” or “I’ll bet that Gale takes over the lab” (she does, and he’s dead; I have no pity for you if you’re not that far).

I’m re-watching episodes from prior seasons as I’m writing this, and appreciating some of the music in here. In honor of this series coming back, here is a sample of some of the songs that I’m hearing as I’m watching. However, for those of you who want more thorough sampling of tunes, check out this 8-tracks playlist.

Season 2 – Episode 9: 4 Days Out

That’s just great music for a time-lapse sequence right there.

Season 3 – Episode 3: Bit by a Dead Bee

Season 4 – Episode 13: Face Off

Season 5 – Episode 8: Gliding Over All


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