The Green Revolution and How it Will Affect Us

Geologic time scale Climate Change

Geologic time scale Climate Change (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This time series, based on satellite data, sho...

This time series, based on satellite data, shows the annual Arctic sea ice minimum since 1979. The September 2010 extent was the third lowest in the satellite record. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With the Green Revolution gaining steam as we come out of this large recession, there are many entrepreneurial ideas out there that can have a great impact on our fight against global climate change acceleration; I say climate change acceleration because our additional carbon emission (on top of Earth’s natural CO2 emission via volcanoes, forest fires, permafrost/glacier/ice cap melting, etc.) into the atmosphere has caused a reciprocal acceleration in the global warming process. As evidenced recently, we are experiencing more extreme weather, and are well overdue for a global climate change. The movie, The Day After Tomorrow, got it somewhat right with their themes of inclement weather and radical climate change – however, this process should not happen nearly as fast fast as the film represented, as the Earth – in case you haven’t noticed – is blessed to be a very resilient planet. This is largely due to its huge water surface cover and a relatively (to most other rocky planets sans Venus) thick atmosphere.

Effet de SerreThe water on this planet acts as a sort of buffer to the volatility of the earth’s climate.  It absorbs carbon dioxide and many other gases from the atmosphere in small concentrations, but large aggregate quantities.  We must do our best to minimize our impact on the Earth’s water.  This would involve cutting chemical/trash dumping into water resources, conserving/recycling fresh/reused water, and enhance our water retention/redirection infrastructure.

See extending Description below

See extending Description below (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Earth’s “thick” atmosphere is also what allows life to thrive on this planet.  The atmosphere has dissolved countless meteors that could have threatened the integrity of the planet’s climate (Dinosaur extinction is evidence of what happens when a big one gets through).  In addition, since the atmosphere is a gaseous solution, it also acts as a buffer – it’s interaction with life and macro tectonic happenings on the planet helps keep it in equilibrium.  If the atmosphere or water on this planet reach a certain critical point where the acceleration of climate change is irreversible, we’d be screwed.

It is a fact that the earth has climate fluctuations – the most recent one that we have proof of is the Little Ice Age that lasted from the 15th-19th centuries. However, humankind’s carbon emission has tipped the scales in the opposite direction, creating a warming greenhouse effect.  The increased carbon release from the permafrost/glacier/ice cap melting has also accelerated global carbon emission. These phenomena will have macroclimate impacts – macroclimates are dictated by the conglomeration of microclimates, and since microclimates are heavily reliant on the amount of moisture they receive, and the amount of change in macroclimates is heavily correlated to the y/y change in moisture received on the micro scale. With proof of changing sea temperatures, ocean currents, jet streams, and ice cover, one can infer that weather patterns will be heavily influenced. The weather, via amounts of snow, rain, wind, or humidity, will considerably change in the next century, no question.

Global climate change 2000-2009 and 1950-1980/...

This weather volatilisation phenomenon has been experienced recently.  The considerable increase in the number of tornadoes we’ve seen in the past two years is unprecedented in amount and season.  In addition, an increase in the amount of deforestation and naturally-covered ground in general increases the amount of energy absorbed by the earth’s surface, increasing it’s average temperature.  It is almost impossible to predict the future climate by region, but there are sure to be some major changes that humans must, and will, adapt to – because that is what we are the best in the world at.California's Greenhouse Gas Emissions

These adaptations will be in the form of inventions and other entrepreneurial ventures to minimize our carbon and water impact.  Explanations of my utopian world will be outlined in the next couple of blog posts.

I will be talking about these few things in my next couple blog posts:

  • Future Infrastructure/Building Design/Building Material
  • Future of Food – Biochar from Organic Waste – uses, Urban Greenhouses, Use waste CO2, hydroponic growing, expired food from supermarkets,
  • Future of Energy – Algae Biodiesel, energy from earth’s motion using underground water, Nuclear power
  • Future of Transport – Electric cars, hydrogen fuel cell, batteries, self-driving, circles instead of stoplights, large boats
  • Entrepreneurial Idea – Tshirts that can change color/light up
  • Entrepreneurial Idea – Weighted compression gear
  • Advances in Medicine/Exercise
  • The Internet
  • Music Scene
  • US/World Government
  • Space? Aliens?
  • Soccer in America – MLS, system, leagues under pros

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