Off to Greece!

Since I’m half Greek, my family has always wanted to visit. I, personally, haven’t been outside the US (Except Canada, but that doesn’t count). We’re staying at the most baller places [shown below], so I just hope we don’t run into any problems with their whole economic crisis and whatnot. Should be a blast.

This is the N.J.V. Athens Plaza Hotel which is where we’re staying our first night… This will probably be the most interesting night’s stay of the trip because there have been riots and protests for weeks outside the state building that’s to the right of the hotel in the picture.

The next day, we’ll be flying out to Mykonos to stay at the Petasos Beach Hotel & Resort. Mykonos is supposed to be the “party island” so I’m hoping that’s true.

Next, we’re going to Santorini, to stay at the Astra Suites! This is the place that I’m most excited for, simply because it’s the island with all the white houses. Oh, and in my excitement, I’m posting a song that I may/may not be playing on repeat the entire time that I’m there.

Santorini by Trey Palms Feat. Rachel

And finally, we’re off to Crete to stay at the Hotel Elounda. Haven’t really heard much about this place, but it looks really sweet (probably going to play some golf).


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  1. Grayson Wilkes Armstrong

    Dude, this looks sweet! Don’t get killed in the riots, but have a blast. I’m jealous of Santorini…although your love of the all-white houses sounds a bit racist.

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