Starting Strong

Wisdumb For Life is meant to be a stream of my subjective internet experience. So, in a few years I might be able to look back and see what views, pursuits, and interests I had. Facebook and Twitter provide a type of medium conducive to sharing private information with others by posting your personal interests, photos and the like. But sharing public material, like songs, YouTube videos, photography, and academic interests can only get you so far on those sites without looking like a creep. My friend, TheBeowolfe, and I are always asked to share movies, playlists, and other files by friends – now I can just point them to my website.  After many years of scouring the internet for information, entertainment, and news, I found it difficult to compile all of my favorite parts into one place. I guess you can say this site is more for me than anyone.

To start off, I’m posting one of my favorite songs of all time.

Slave (The Girls Can Hear Us! Remix) by Silver Medallion


About alexpadraic

Alumni of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Living/working in NYC

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